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 "You've hit on something with Writing Into Freedom.  You've demystified so much about writing and being a writer for those interested in expressing themselves better in written language."

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“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

 Ernest Hemingway

If I told you I could sit down, right now, this very second, and write something creative, would you believe me?  And what if I told you that the piece itself would almost certainly surprise me?  That kind of relationship with creativity doesn’t always happen overnight, but it does happen.  Writing Into Freedom is a wonderful way to make sure it happens for you.  It’s full of writing exercises that are liberating, easy to do, and a truckload of fun.  And all the online resources on this site are FREE.

I hope your curiosity is really fired up.  That curiosity is itself a great start for you.  You don’t need to turn up here with great ideas, or reams of existing work straining at the leash.  You can pick and choose the bits you need.  Some resources are specifically for poets; others for creative writers more generally.  There are single modules, quick and straightforward, dealing with a particular issue.  Or you can immerse yourself in a lengthier course that’s thorough but always user-friendly.  Throughout, I've made sure the exercises don’t take too long – I know you have a thousand things to pack into your life!

I’m sure of one thing: you don’t have to be a genius to be intensely creative.  Creativity isn’t the sole preserve of the professional or gifted writer.  Almost anyone can do it – experience has proved this to me, over and over again.  Everyone can become more aware of their inner potential, their power to produce extraordinary words that carry remarkable meanings.  Most people need just three things: an open mind, an open heart, and the right kind of stimulating challenge.

Why not join me on this extraordinary journey into yourself?  Whether you’re a poet or prose-writer, your creativity will be rejuvenated.  Most importantly, you yourself will never be quite the same again.

“It is through the grace of poetry that the divine spark lives forever in the human flint.”  Saint-John Perse

Mario Petrucci   Award-winning writer & four times a Royal Literary Fund Fellow

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Unique techniques, brilliant tricks of the trade.  Really get your writing going, and keep it going.


Overcome Writer's Block or suss your true instincts as a writer... these FREE gems are priceless.


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Mario can support you at every level, from the transformative to the intensely practical.


He offers tailored, in-depth guidance for anyone seeking fresh insight and clarity in their writing.


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 A variety of audio modules FREE for POETS & PROSE-WRITERS.

Short audios that take you to the next level, pronto.  Quick routes to stunning content, a profound transformation of what you do.

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What, precisely, is the writerly gift that you're able to give to the world, and to yourself?  Do you yearn to engage more deeply with your Inner Writer, allowing your creativity free rein to rejuvenate your entire writing journey?


Mario can offer immense expertise if you're trying to overcome a particular or chronic writing issue

or hoping to complete a new project such as a pamphlet or chapbook.


"I created Writing Into Freedom because I've witnessed so much artistic suffering with SO many writers over the years: wonderful and genuine people who brim with a yearning to write, but can't quite seem to get there..."


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