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AUDIO COURSE 1   Quickfire Modules

“I am,  I am,  I am.”  –  Sylvia Plath         Let something astonishing happen at the tip of your pen… right now.

Quickfire Modules take you to the next level, pronto.  Each audio solves a crucial writing issue, and the user-friendly approach gets you there in 10 minutes!  Hone your technique; let your writing really lift off.  Tiny yet substantial, these audios are a quick route to stunning insights, powerful content.  They'll breathe fresh life into your writing – into you.

The Quickfire Modules are among my top resources, thoroughly tried and tested.  And I'm now supplying them for FREE.  I want my best stuff in the world, creating relief and excitement for anyone struggling with their craft.

If you're principally a poet, you might be tempted to use the entire set of modules (geared mainly for poetry).  But whatever you write - prose or poetry - these units will revitalise you.  They’ll help you to write more, more interestingly, and at a higher standard.  May they bring out the ‘I am’ in you.

Quickfire Module 1 The Poet’s Ear

How best to tell what’s working in a poem & what isn’t.

Quickfire Module 2 Sonic Stitching

A unique approach to make your writing sound great (particularly poetry).

<< see pdf  BELOW  for an example text >>

Quickfire Module 3 Writing Warm-Ups

3 superb ways to get motivated & moving when stuck.  << Prose + Poetry >>

Quickfire Module 4 Solo Workshopping

For those who don’t have much access to help from other writers.

Quickfire Module 5 Making Memorable Metaphors

Create terrific poetic images – even when you feel uninspired.

Quickfire Module 6 Growing Your Poetry: Volume, Voice & Points of View

The 3 pillars of productivity: writing more; varying your voice;

expanding your sensibility.

QF 1

QF 2

QF 3

QF 4

QF 5

QF 6

<< example of Sonic Stitching - QF Module 2 >>

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AUDIO COURSE 2   Elements of Surprise   << for POETS & PROSE-WRITERS >>

"No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader...”  Robert Frost.

Would you love to surprise yourself as well as your readers?  In a rut with your writing?  This is a FREE audio course for those seeking to deepen their practice.  Invaluable for connecting with the world and with your self more deeply, to express or discover fresh insights.  Easy to listen to, enjoyable, straightforward.  For writing of all kinds, and writers of all abilities.  'ELEMENTS' is for all writing genres, NOT JUST POETRY.

Maybe you're looking for that SPECIAL INGREDIENT, that extra SPARK?  We often assume that a ‘surprise’ is some sudden or unpredictable event beyond our knowledge, outside our control.  In fact, we can create surprises.  We can make them happen in our work, and within ourselves, far more than we think!

As a writer, I yearn for my words to escape their confines, to leap away into stunning new terrain.  I want my own writing practice to teach me.  But how on earth do we surprise ourselves, fenced in by what we already know?  This comprehensive audio course answers that question, without being onerous.  It gets imagination to jump that fence.  Watch your writing take off, riding on the back of invigorating, incisive language.

“I don’t need an alarm clock.  My ideas wake me.”  Ray Bradbury

Elements:  Audio 1      Surprises I             38 minutes

Explore what you’re really like as a writer.

Ensure that you deepen and expand your writerly perception.

Elements:  Audio 2      Surprises II            47 minutes

Enjoy three fantastically simple techniques that kick-start

original ideas, free up imagination.  Surprise yourself!

Elements:  Audio 3      Sense & Connection I            27 minutes

Re-engage unusually with the world and with yourself.

Renew and refresh your basic approach to writing.

Elements:  Audio 4      Sense & Connection II          27 minutes

Retrains you to connect with the world differently.

Create new and rewarding ways to write and rewrite.

 Elements  1

 Elements  2

 Elements  3

 Elements  4

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