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FREE AUDIO   Watch That Title!

- a writing Block buster -

'I want to express myself - how on earth do I start a new piece?'

Are you eager to write something of real importance to you, but don't quite know how?  This audio is great for creating a thrilling idea - or even a complete and finished piece - on the spot (often at first attempt).

"A great resource - a wonderfully simple idea with lots of possible uses."

For any writer keen to get started - or to get something really irresistible on paper.  Also great for WRITER'S BLOCK!  Whether you're completely stuck or just uncertain, this unique resource will surprise and liberate you.  Step by simple step, enter a fresh writing world in mere minutes!

"Remarkable..."    "This is a very powerful technique."

Can we really get remarkable things to happen in our creative writing… in 10 minutesWatch That Title!  is faster than hard-boiling two sets of eggs.  It’s one of my finest front-line resources.  Avoid that endless fret over blank paper, trying to get something to happen.

Note: this audio is for ALL writers, for prose as well as poetry

[though the audio often uses poetry as its example].


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Free Resources

 "You've hit on something with Writing Into Freedom.  You've demystified so much about writing and being a writer for those interested in expressing themselves better in written language."

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The  5  Kinds  of  WRITER...

Which one ARE YOU...?

FIND OUT IN ABOUT 5 MINUTES !   You might surprise yourself...

Discover the truth of what you're REALLY like as a writer. Try this simple way to expand your entire approach to creative writing...

Just peruse both pages of the FREE pdf (here) to GET AN ANSWER.

FLOW  or  GROW ?

When you begin a new piece of writing... do you FLOW it or GROW it ?

Use this gorgeous pdf to FIND OUT IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES !

You'll answer 10 simple questions [ in quick YES / NO format ]

and uncover your habitual approach to writing...

It's then ONE SIMPLE STEP to potentially DOUBLE the possibilities of your writing practice.  Just like that!

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10 WAYS to START a new piece of WRITING!


So, you want to get a new piece of writing to happen... but JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GET STARTED?


ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU FEEL ZERO INSPIRATION... here are TEN simple ways to get a fresh piece of writing moving... they REALLY work too.   


Why sit biting the end of your pencil or devouring crisps over the keyboard?  This short video offers tried-and-tested guidance.  It's funny - and it's FREE!

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“How vast a world I hold within me…” Franz Kafka

Drawing on the world’s creatures for inspiration, Animals offers a compelling yet straightforward way to generate new works that carry within them a deep and fresh perspective.

Perhaps the subject you’re contemplating is a well-worn one, like ‘love’ or ‘loss’.  Or it’s a tough emotion or situation you feel might be beyond your writing skill...?

Never mind.  Animals guarantees you an unusual way in – and it can even gift you with a full, and startling, prose idea or poem.

   [the audio addresses poets - but its ideas are easily adapted for prose]

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How do you answer the question: "IS MY WORK ANY GOOD?"  Is your opinion of your own work HELPFUL or ACCURATE?  If not, what do you do NEXT...?  With this simple video, you'll find out in 3 minutes!

It’s a VERY gentle process: you won’t be cruelly dissected!

Just remember to add up your score as you go...






What is the ONE thing you REALLY MUST do as a Writer... ?


Get Mario's unexpected answer in this FREE 1-minute audio.

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