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Are your deepest issues in writing largely unanswered by what you've been given so far?  Are you at a stage in your writing life (however early or late) where the following words carry special significance for you...?


Mindful Mentoring is for poets and prose writers seeking to delve deeper into their writing process.  If you're ready to get to grips with your truest creativity, Mario will guide you towards a transformation of your writing that also works to transform you.

* WHAT MARIO WILL DO *   Mario will always meet you where you are.  He'll never ask too much of you; but he WILL stretch you.  Leaving your comfort zone in writing isn't always easy, but Mario offers the expertise and encouragement (as well as the challenge!) to guide and support you every step of the way.

We'll examine weaknesses, of course; but we'll also find and build on your strengths, so that you can reach for the best writer you can be.  Mario is a natural problem solver and will facilitate your growth as a creative artist, working with you to resolve any long-standing writing issues, whether it be a brutal dose of writer's block or a faltering desire to discover and experience in yourself the most transformational aspects of writing.  So, please only read further if you now want something more meaningful to happen through your writing.

That said, Mario is also intensely practical.  If you're looking to put together a pamphlet or chapbook, he can advise on every stage of that process, from generating fresh and authentic material to finalising the book.

** WHAT YOU WON'T EASILY FIND ELSEWHERE **   What - what exactly - is the writerly gift that you're able to give to the world, and to yourself?  Do you yearn to engage more deeply with your Inner Writer, allowing your creativity free rein and thereby refreshing your entire creative life?  Do you sense you have something special in you, but are struggling to clarify what that is, to manifest it in the world?  Mario is gifted in revealing (to writers of all kinds and every disposition) what it is they uniquely possess, with integrity, as creators.  He'll nurture and unveil, to bring your talent into the world as fully and as honestly as possible.

*** A DOSE OF KIND HONESTY ***   Mario's chief concern is to be absolutely honest with you about where you are in your writing.  He'll tell you (tactfully) if what you're writing could be better.  But he'll also explore with you the often hidden skills you most surely have.  Are you prepared to let your writing change you?

**** HOW IT WORKS ****   Working confidentially, Mario offers one-to-one in-depth mentoring sessions online.  You'll receive detailed individual attention from one of the most respected and experienced Creative Writing teachers on the international scene.  Mario specialises in poetry, but can work with all types of fiction and prose writing.  There are two Mentoring modes for you to choose from, both offered here at huge discount:

(a)  Micro-Mentoring.  A single session for just  £ 149.  If you wish to continue, you then switch to the full programme below (a further 8 sessions).  Plus a money-back guarantee if you feel you haven't been helped!

(b)  Macro-Mentoring.  Eight fortnightly sessions (4 months) for £ 979 (saves nearly 20% on the single session rate).  Payable in advance, but refundable if the initial session doesn't leave you wanting more.  Session dates and times are by mutual agreement, and you're allowed two reschedules.

Sessions last 90 minutes via Skype.  Mario examines samples of work in advance of each session, but also tackles any issues that go deeper than individual texts.  His core aim is to establish a lasting benefit for you... [but he does quick fixes too!].  You'll find the entire process friendly and amenable.  Mario tailors sessions to your needs and will do everything possible to work efficiently with your existing commitments.  For instance, sessions can be accelerated if essential to meet a deadline.

To discuss the details, contact Mario via


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Mario Petrucci - Writing Into Freedom Founder

Mario is a multi-award-winning poet and four times a Royal Literary Fund Fellow.  He has been the dynamo behind several major literary organisations, implementing a remarkable variety of educational and creative writing resources, both online and in university classrooms.  Mario has trained or mentored thousands of writers worldwide.  He was poet in residence for the BBC and with the Imperial War Museum.  He is a prolific author and continues to deliver literary commissions in community settings and on the international stage.

official author site:   www.mariopetrucci.com


"Extremely impressed... I have no hesitation in recommending him... always focused, purposeful and stimulating.”

“A writer of stature, yet more than that he is a writer of the greatest generosity who can ignite the interest of others."

“Genuinely, originally, profound... felt simultaneously the senses of fulfilment and of pining for more.”

"I have worked with a lot of writers in my time, and I have never encountered anyone who is as professional, as reliable,

 as dedicated and, most importantly of all, as inspirational..."

"He is an amazing teacher... it wasn't until now that I understood the difference between a good and a great poem."

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If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.   David Carradine

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